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Wildwood Green Golf Club will be installing a new set of golf tees rated by the USGA called "Family Golf Tees". The new tees are set to open on October 6th, 2014 at Wildwood Green Golf Club in Raleigh, NC. The Family Golf Tees will be reduced yardage tees compared to Wildwood's already rated sets of tees. The Family Golf Tees allow for junior and beginning golfers to enjoy the game at a shorter distance than normal, helping the golfer learn the game and accomplish goals they have set for themselves. The Family tees can be used at any time and are stationary markers in the fairways of each hole.

To coincide with the Family Golf Tees Wildwood Green will also be installing 15 inch diameter cups. A regulation golf hole, having a diameter of 4.25 inches, is less than a third the size of the Big Cups. To induct the Big Cups, Wildwood Green will be hosting a "Big Cup Challenge" on October 11th, 2014 which is open to members and guests who have an established handicap recognized by the USGA. The winner of the event will have a paid entry into the Big Cup Challenge being hosted by the Golf Channel in Orlando, Florida. Both the 15 inch cup and a regulation sized cup (4.25 inches in diameter) will be available for use from October 6th - October 12th with the exception of Saturday, October 11th where only the big cups will be used for the challenge event. Wildwood Green hopes to promote these big cups to families, beginners and special events over the coming months and will leave covers over top of the big cups when not in use.

The 15 inch cups will hopefully breathe life into a sport that has seen a decline in participation in recent years. The new cups are able to save time and strokes allowing for faster and more enjoyable time on the golf course. The big cups will help reduce strokes taken around the green to help speed up rounds that typically take 4-5 hours to complete.

To participate in the Big Cup Challenge or learn more from Wildwood Green please call (919) 846-8376 or email the club at:


News Source: Wildwood Green Golf Course

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